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About Ursula

Ursula Mullen is a proud Brazilian who is passionate about real estate and design. Born in Minas Gerais, she grew up in a fiercely competitive community. She came to America in 2011 to attend school and to learn how to use her global perspective to impact her career and her industry.

Ursula graduated in International Business and Management with a Minor in Communications from the University of Michigan and emerged into commercial real estate during college. She managed the acquisitions of 100+ properties in 19 different states and a volume of $138+ million in commercial properties for a Michigan based developer.

Residential real estate was the opportunity for her to apply her finely honed skills – from negotiating big contracts to managing complex deals – and now delivering results to her own residential clients. She takes deep pride in her ability to dig deeper than most agents into the data and analytics, using her international and professional background as an advantage. What separates Ursula is a collection of product knowledge, understanding of cultures, her enthusiasm, and her dedication to the notion that good enough can always be better.

Besides passionately selling homes, you can find Ursula on the golf course, working out, at happy hour or on her social media channels.

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